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Dragon Age: Origins DLC authorisation problem


I fired up Dragon Age: Origins for the first time in a while and it would get to the main screen but it would not load my saved game. It claimed that I was not authorised to use the following downloadable content:
  • Warden's keep
  • Blood dragon armour.
  • The stone prisoner
  • Golem's might (for origins)
  • Witch hunt
  • Return to ostagar
  • Feastday gift
  • Feastday pranks
  • Golems' might (for awakening)
  • The darkspawn chronicles
  • Blightblood(for origins)
  • Witchcraft(for origins)
  • Leilina's son(for origins)
  • Battledress of the provocateur (for origins)
  • Battledress of the provocateur (for awakening)
  • The golems of amgarrak
Although I own Dragon Age: Origins Ultimate Edition which contains both Dragon Age: Origins and Dragon Age: Awakening, I have never played Dragon Age: Awakening as I have not quite finished the final battle of Dragon Age: Origins. Its rather odd that my saved game seems to require DLC for a different game that I haven't even played yet.
Enabling the "Dragon Age: Origins - Content Updater" service did not help - as there was no service installed!
I next ran the following file: This then displayed an error stating that it couldn't find a copy of the game and I needed to reinstall it.
After the slow install process, and placing the DVD back in the drive (seriously, why do I need to put a DVD in to play a game with online authorisation?) I was able to reload my saved game.

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