grub-probe: error: not a directory. (grub 1.99 in Ubuntu Linux 12.04)

I upgraded some packages earlier (including a kernel) and received an odd error from grub (version 1.99-21ubuntu3.9)

$ sudo grub-install --recheck /dev/sda
 /usr/sbin/grub-probe: error: not a directory.
 Auto-detection of a filesystem of /dev/sdb1 failed.
 Try with --recheck.
 If the problem persists please report this together with the output of "/usr/sbin/grub-probe --device-map="/boot/grub/" --target=fs -v /boot/grub" to <>

I couldn't complete the configuration of the updates that I had downloaded, and worse the machine was probably now unbootable. Poking around a bit, I find that the error reported by grub-probe could be reproduced with:

$ sudo grub-probe -d /dev/sdb1 --target=fs_uuid
grub-probe: error: not a directory.

I didn't know where to go from here so the first thing I tried was to purge grub and reinstall it.

sudo apt-get purge grub*

sudo apt-get install grub-pc

Didn't make any difference, so the next thing I tried was to downgrade to an earlier version of grub (1.99-21ubuntu3).

sudo apt-get purge grub*

sudo apt-get install grub-pc=1.99-21ubuntu3 grub2-common=1.99-21ubuntu3 grub-pc-bin=1.99-21ubuntu3 grub-common=1.99-21ubuntu3

Unfortunately this made no difference either. So the next thing I tried was to install the version of grub from Ubuntu 12.10. There were some dependency conflicts which I had to manually fix as you can see here:

sudo apt-get remove apport-hooks-medibuntu apport-gtk apport

sudo dpkg -i liblzma5_5.1.1alpha+20120614-1_amd64.deb grub2-common_2.00-7ubuntu11_amd64.deb  grub-common_2.00-7ubuntu11_amd64.deb  grub-gfxpayload-lists_0.6_amd64.deb  grub-pc_2.00-7ubuntu11_amd64.deb  grub-pc-bin_2.00-7ubuntu11_amd64.deb

Finally, grub installed ok! Crisis averted.

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