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Using the KWorld PC160-2T with Mythtv on Ubuntu Linux 11.10

The PCI card is internally implemented as a USB interface connected to the two tuners over USB which is interesting to say the least. Presumably its cheaper to put an extra USB chip on a PCI card than to make … Continue reading

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undefined reference to `ceil' (or pow or floor or ...) in ubuntu 11.10

There has been a change to the build tools in ubuntu 11.10 - The "--as-needed" flag is now passed to the linker. This primarily has implications for dynamic library linking but it also affects the order that libraries appear on … Continue reading

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Running a python script that requires libgsf on Ubuntu 11.04

I was exploring a project concerned with reverse engineering some file formats ( and I needed to run a python script. This python script requires libgsf (the gnome structured file library: ), however the debian/ubuntu packages for this aren't … Continue reading

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Increasing the size of the main linux partition (Ubuntu 11.04)

I have an installation of Ubuntu 11.04 running as a virtual machine under VirtualBox. It recently ran out of space, so I needed to expand the partition. First I made a new partition that was larger than my existing partition … Continue reading

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Broken onboard wifi on a Lenovo G530 (4446) and Ubuntu 11.04

I have a Lenovo laptop which has for a while had problems with the onboard wireless card, so I have been using a usb wireless device instead. I don't use wifi very often as I mostly have it connected to … Continue reading

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