M-Audio Delta 1010 sound stops working for some applications on Windows 7 x86

I've had occasional audio playback problems. My symptoms are that websites and videos will suddenly stop making any sound in firefox while I can still play tunes in vlc. Restarting firefox makes no difference. If I fire up other applications, they stop making sound as well.

It turns out that there's a problem with the version 5076 drivers for the M-Audio Delta 1010 and 1010LT on 64 bit Windows 7. It can be solved by restarting the windows sound service.

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dear poster,
what could actually cause my delta1010lt to stopped working all of a sudden when I was busy on working on fl studio? I then tried other music file but no sound is produced. I restarted the window several times but no progress. what do you can cause it & how can I fix the problem?

1010lt is a different device to the 1010, but it seems like the driver development was never finished adequately.

Old thread but new (and related) info: I have a Delta 66 which worked fine under XP 32bit, then didn't on Win7 (64bit) - S/PDIF in/outs had periodic noise bursts.

'Upgraded' to Win10 following Win7 EOL and - to my utter astonishment - the Delta is working perfectly (analogue and digital) with 6.0.8 driver.

Unsure whether the chipset is the same across all Deltas, but maybe there's life in the old cards yet. It amuses and pleases me that a PCI card marked copyright 1999 is still working (in an Asus H97 mobo with i7 4770 and PCIe + 2PCI slots)...

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