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EMU Legacy archive

Since Creative have taken the EMU Legacy pages offline, its not longer possible to get hold of for example OS updates for various devices such as the Proteus 2000, MP7, EMU Ultra etc. I am making available as much of … Continue reading

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Yamaha FS1R tutorial

I found this old tutorial for the Yamaha FS1R fm synthesiser in the wayback machine and have reproduced it here for posterity. Beginners Guide To The Yamaha FS1R © 2000 R.C.Strange written by R.C.Strange email: website: This Word … Continue reading

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M-Audio Delta 1010 sound stops working for some applications on Windows 7 x86

I've had occasional audio playback problems. My symptoms are that websites and videos will suddenly stop making any sound in firefox while I can still play tunes in vlc. Restarting firefox makes no difference. If I fire up other applications, … Continue reading

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Deciphering the TC Electronic M350 SysEx format

I recently acquired a TC Electronic M350 effects unit. One if its features is midi connectivity, which allows you to backup or edit the presets on a PC - although the interface exposes every setting so there's not much reason … Continue reading

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