EMU Legacy archive

Since Creative have taken the EMU Legacy pages offline, its no longer possible to get hold of for example OS updates for various devices such as the Proteus 2000, MP7, EMU Ultra etc. I am making available as much of the old material as possible here. Let me know in the comments if there's anything that's missing. Don't blame me if anything doesn't work (but please do let me know)!

(Edit: More recently some of these files have become available again  at so its worth having a look there as well.)

(Edit2: and at some point that link stopped working again. Leaving it up for reference).


Proteus 1000

This should be the OS update you need if you have any of the following:

  • Proteus 1000
  • XL-1 (not the turbo version)
  • Mo'Phatt
  • B-3
  • Planet Earth

Proteus 2000

The Proteus 2000 family contains the following:

  • Proteus 2000
  • Virtuoso 2000
  • Turbo Phatt
  • Orbit-3
  • Vintage Pro
  • XL-1 (turbo version)
Proteus Family SysEx 2.2.pdf

Proteus 2500




Proteus Family SysEx 2.2.pdf






Audity 2000: Audity_2000.pdf
B3: B3_Manual.pdf
Mo'Phatt: MOPhattRevB.pdf
Orbit 3: E-Mu_Orbit-3_Manual.pdf
Planet Phatt: E-Mu_PlanetPhatt_Manual.pdf
Proteus 1000: E-Mu_Proteus1000_Manual.pdf
Proteus 2000: Proteus2KOp-E.pdf
Xtreme Lead-1: E-Mu_XL-1_Manual.pdf
Xtreme Lead-1 Turbo: XL1TurboOp-A.pdf
Vintage Pro: E-Mu_VintagePro_Manual.pdf
Virtuoso 2000: Virtuoso 2000.pdf

Proteus 2000 Family SysEx specification: Proteus Family SysEx 2.2.pdf

Other Resources

There is another site archiving the "legacy" emu files, the Emu Legacy Wiki, and the Proteus 2000 family yahoo group. Some manuals available here.

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I have a copy of which contains the patterns and songs for the 2500. it's 289k so I can email it if you want to post it here. I alos have Proteus (1,2,3) and ProCussion manuals.
Thanks for helping the E-mu legacy stuff.
John Kress

I could not find the entry to leave a post so I'm just replying. I just used the uploads to update a used MP7 that I had got on eBay. I ended up using my Surface pro to do it, since my main computer is a MAc. It worked like a charm. I had to force install E loader because I use Windows 10 but that worked, and then installed the command prep and finally the update. All worked like a charm. So thanks so much.

i have an mp7 that won't power up ? .. any clues ... i have been using this thing since 2004 and never had a problem ... just won't do anything ... have tried diff power cords.

I also have an xl7 and another mp7 and have swapped cords and those 2 work fine.

Capacitors on the power supply and in particular the 3.3v rails, likely need to be replaced. If the 3.3v line is unstable this could be it. An oscilloscope will show any wiggle on the voltage feeds.

Try using the on-line web-based firmware update at:!/intro

Ray Bellis also has some tools for some of the Emulator models. This site is still a work in progress and development of tools continues. Ray is also a key member of some E-mu related Facebook groups, posting there regularly and responding in a timely manner.

it appears to be a sysex load/dump bug related with the 2.26 version of the OS of proteus 2000.
Do someone know if this bug is ONLY related to MIDIQUEST softwares or it applies to ALLSYSEX softwares out there?
Thank you

Do you have the latest version of the midiquest software? I believe there were some sysex changes between OS version 2.24 and 2.26 so if you don't have the latest version of the software, perhaps that could be the problem.

Hi Francis,
today I found your website with your E-mu legacy support. I have a question please: the E-loader software seems to have been made for Apple Mac computers - does it also run on a PC/netbook with Windows XP SP3?
Many thanks in advance -
best wishes,

Creative have not stopped providing access to files for legacy hardware. Select "non-PC hardware" hot link on Creative's support page or go straight to the E-Mu/Ensoniq downloads at where one can find all the documentation and firmware updates that were created while those companies were still viable. Thank you, frankster, for all the work you put into collecting and providing these file links in your post. I haven't made a line by line comparison, so you may well have all the E/E files here. I am downloading all those available from Creative, just in case. I did the same with Apple's legacy download page (over 1300 files, one at a time, re-stored in their appropriate sub-directories; I always suspected I might be mad, and that Herculean task might be proof of the pudding!) People say what goes on the 'net stays on the 'net. I agree, but only for those parts of the 'net not controlled by corporations. For that, we individuals must bank and safeguard precious data, before it is lost in thoughtless acts of storage reclamation or spiteful denial.

Yep, fortunately Creative have put these files back online now. Hopefully they will stay up forever (but I shall keep these copies here just in case!). Perhaps you could give me a list of the files you have downloaded and I could check that I have everything?

The legacy documentation at (or creative) comes and goes. Its there for a while, then it disappears, then it comes back--sometimes with a link that you can only get to if you know what it is.

When Frankie and I decided to host docs, I believe it had disappeared two and returned two times before. Several months later, it returned. After being there for close to a year, it disappeared again. A couple of weeks ago, I saw a new link posted somewhere and sure enough, it worked--at least for the time being.

My take is not that creative is evil or anything like that. I believe periodically they revise their site to meet their current needs. Since the so-called legacy gear is probably a low priority, it probably doesn't get put back (or put somewhere; or linked somewhere) until after a lot of other stuff is done first.

But I believe creative is proud of the e-mu lineage. (If not, they should be!!!) The legacy support will probably continue to disappear and hopefully reappear.

In the interim, kudos to the frankster (and others) who keep the docs consistently available.

As of today, the link that works (at least on my PC) is:

BTW, the waybackmachine does have some cool historical website captures, but the last time I checked (probably 6-12 months ago), they did not capture the docs--possibly because creative went to an eula system that didn't used to exist at and which now requires a response.

To the best of my knowledge the files Frankie and others have made available were obtained before the eula system, before Microsoft's DRM system, etc. Let's face it, it is called legacy gear for a reason--namely, it dates back so long there is no expectation that any more money can be made--except by people that horded sound ROMs and are now selling them on ebay at prices higher than any time in the past ten years or so. And I doubt that any of that "markup" is going to the sound designers!

Thanks Steve, I've put a link to Creative's current site at the top of the article.

NOTE: reinitializing will overwrite the RAM with factory preset data. If You Have Any custom presets be safe to back them up!

To Reinitialize a Proteus 2000 family unit back to Factory Specs do the Following:

First turn the power off. Once You have done this:
1) Hold Both CURSOR KEYS (Arrow Keys) down and turn on the POWER at the same time. Hold the cursor keys Until the unit boots up test in the DIAGNOSTICS menu.

2)Let go of the CURSOR KEYS. Turn the DATA WHEEL to the right Until you see as the INITIALIZE USER DATA menu choice.

3) Press the HOME / ENTER button twice.

4) Upon completion of the reinitialization process you should see in the display 'Calibrate Knobs'. If you wish to calibrate knobs then press Home / Enter twice and follow the directions in the display. Otherwise turn the unit off and on again and begin using it normally.

Now all the factory preset information is restored.

can somone please put os 2.24 for proteaus on here.I have looked and can only find 2.26 and 2.21.I would like the recommended 2.24

Hi Francis,

recently I encountered a strange observation regarding the sound behaviour of my Proteus 2500. Sounds have a rather unusual tremolo that I cannot influence (tried many things to track that down already).

Do you have a fresh OS 2.0 for Proteus 2500 ?

Can I dump the OS 2.0 direct into the Proteus 2500 via E-Loader (you sent me the Windows version before)? or do I need another file, named commandprep10.dli? (if you have it, pls send it to me as well)

Many thanks in advance!
Yours, Alex from Berlin.

quote from yahoo groups
Re: Upgrade to OS 2.0: download fail (HOW TO SUCCEED!)
Posted By: Sun Mar 25, 2012 10:09 am |

I just had the same problem trying to upgrade an MP-7 that had OS 1.31. The
solution is to first download the bootloader "commandprep10.dli", even though
the E-loader documentation says this is unnecessary. Then download the version
2.0 OS. All working fine now for me.

im trying to download emu mp7 OS. Running Windows 8 and E-Loader is installed. I have downloaded commandprep10 and command200, but in E-Loader i cant get it to recognize emu device. It shows Yamaha UX16-1, which im using for MIDI connect. Its been tough getting help with this mp7 os and i know its old. Please respond if you could help. Thanks

In another forum, someone posted that e-loader 1.1 works under Windows 10. I don't think I have tested it, but will if you are still having the problem.

I just tested X-Loader 1.1 under Win10. All I did was check to see if X-Loader would find my P2500 under "Scan for MIDI Devices." It did. I used an E-Mu Xmidi 2x2 usb interface, making sure both midi in and out were pointed to my interface.

If you are using a Yamaha 1x1 interface and E-loader is setup with that interface as the both the in and out port, the first diagnostic question I'd as is does it work with note data. In not, make sure the cables are connected correctly (computer out to E-Mu in; computer in to E-Mu out). If note data doesn't work, you might need to diagnose the midi interface's drivers, the computer's enumeration and recognition of the interface as hardware, etc.

If note data works both ways (e.g., record to daw and playback from daw), test sysex. I have read repeatedly that 1x1 usb midi interfaces have issues handling (among other things) sysex data. If sysex is not working properly in both directions, I recommend betting a non-1x1 usb interface.

Hope this helps.



Correct - the patches rely on samples which are in a particular sound bank. Different proteus modules come with different rom sound banks, so in general you cannot copy patches from one Proteus module to a different one. It would require the sound rom to be placed into each. So for example if you put a proteus 2000 sound bank (the composer rom) inside your turbo phatt, then you would be able to use patches from the proteus 2000 in it.


Hi there! i read about the patch bank transfer. I have the same problem. My workaround was adjunsting the samples one by one -you'r right, Frankster, for some strange reason, only the other data in every patch is correctly transferred. I think it was an ommision from E-mu.
But i think that with a text editor the soundbanks can be manually modified. ¿did someone try this?


Everytime I try and restore the EMU images to floppy, I get an error 9 in the DOS prompt, the floppys are fine, tested, going mad here, cant find an answer anywhere, anyone help please?

I had the same problem. I got the error 9 while trying to make the disk under WinXP. I had to reinstall my pc with Win98 and then I was able to make the disk. Yeah it was a pain in the butt!

I've been told that there's a way to upgrade from EOS 3.x to 4,x for the e-64.
But by replacing the ROM; is that true, and if so, where could i get a hold of the required gear?


hi everyone! i'm slowly getting it, i need the "commandprep10.dli" file to my upgrade if anyone has it please send a link or in e-mail

thank you

I have 2 questions...

I have a E4 platinum...which doesnt boot, there is something with the rom....

I also have a 6400Ultra with 4../1?

What are the options I have....the Platinum boots well with the rom from the probably i need a new rom?

Please help,



I am having a problem with my mophatt it does not play all the sounds across the keyboard of my midi controller I noticed to that when I added the x-rom at boot it some sounds will not load and it also would not play sounds across the whole keyboard but I tested them both in my proteus 1000 they all played sounds across the my midi keyboard and I did not get the some sounds will not load message do think you know what this could be thank you.

I ask the admin. Is it the mp7 os above ( i assume it is the compatible with the xl7 command station, i'm getting soon a untit with 1.1 os, i need to upgrade it .

thank you

im saving up for an xl1 and have a couple questions.. it seems most of the ones on ebay have the older os. so whats the difference between the units with operating systems v1.xx and v2.xx? if i bought an older one is it hard to upgrade to the newest os version?thanks

Greetings! I have a Proteus 2000 that I want to upgrade the OS. I tried using the ELoader program with no success. ELoader says the DLI file isn't a valid OS, when I drop the DLI file onto the ELoader. Has anyone had success with upgrading the OS to 2.26? I got the files from here, but they aren't working for me. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks!

The DLI file I was using was for the Eloader for windows. So I installed XP on my Mac and the Windows Eloader program. The DLI file was recognized and was able to upgrade to 2.26. All's well. The DLI files won't work with the Mac Eloader. Thanks for this site.

My EMU Planet Earth module -
When I adjust the arp beats per minute for a patch and then try to go back to
see or hear other sounds, it freaks out and freezes with a command that says -
"Making Back up". Not only back up of what, I don't know, but freezes so I have to keep
rebooting the module just to view other sounds on the main panel. This is not normal.
No where in the manual nor on line do I see anything about a factory reset for this module. Any suggestions? Thanks, Paul
send to

I put my EMU virtuoso 2000 in storage for a year and just took it, plugged it in pushed the button to turn it on and nothing happened. I changed the power cord three times, with different cords and still nothing. Does anybody know what could be wrong with the unit. Please walk me through the problem to fix it.


i'm also searching for the pk/xk/vk/mk 6 OS, the file im searching for is:

kybd102.dli or kybd101.dli or kybd107.dli

is there any one who can help?
the pk6 yahoo group has it for download, but im still waiting to be a "approved" member


Firstly, thanks for supplying all these files!...

I'm struggling big time here and been trawling forums to find out what's wrong but not having luck.

I own an e5000 running EOS 4.62 and I want to update to 4.70.

I'm using a laptop running Windows 7 with an external USB powered floppy drive.

I bought some brand new Verbatim floppy discs labelled 1.44mb but is only showing 1.38mb in Windows. This seems to be a common problem!! The EOS470.exe is 1.41mb and I can't get it onto the floppy..

How was this done back in the day?

Any help at this stage would be greatly appreciated.

you need to use an old version of windows with "true" DOS running (ie windows xp or windows 98) to make the diskette.
there is a guy who sells the flashprep and os4.7 diskettes on ebay for $15. that is the easiest solution

Thanks for the reply.

I bought the update floppy off eBay and the issue I was having with it seems to have disappeared. In saying that, it just completely froze on me.. I think this one is a dud, constant repair work since I've got it. Will try and pick up an e6400 when one comes up.

Hi Francis, thanks for this resource. I just had a Procussion module repaired (psu) and am trying to locate a manual. It seems very hard to find- any suggestions or links?
Thanks so much!

I have two E64 samplers. Problem: I can't save the EOS410CL.EXE onto a diskette. What can I do?!? Could it work from a Linux OS? I have given up on Win 8.1 - it just won't fit a 2HD 3.5 inch diskette....

HELP I have a emu mp7 I have done reset both ways and have done audio test and I can hear tones and everything but I go to press the drum pad or play a pattern and I get no sound at all from headphones or the back outputs. Anyone have this problem before?
I have even taken out the sound expansion and put it back in and tested for it.
nothing is working.

Hey there;

New (very excited) EMU MP7 owner here. COOL looking machine~!

Two questions;

1. There are 2 SIMM / ROM cards in my machine. Is there a way for me to tell / find out which two cards are installed? I've opened the unit and the cards do not seem to have the sticker on them, oops. So, is there a way from the control panel for me to determine which two SIMM / ROM cards are installed?

2. OK, so our ROM cards are "normal" (?) SIMMs, right? Is there any way to make / create our own ROM / SIMM cards? Can they be copied from another card in some way? Making our own SIMM / ROM cards could be awesome.



Did you ever figure this out?
(1) Press Preset Vewi/Mode. The upper right should have the basic name of the ROM of the currently selected preset--e.g., XROM, P2500, etc.
(2) With an E-Mu Ultra Sampler and an E-Mu Flash ROM, you can burn your own samples. Then, with an E-Mu ROMpler (such as the P2ks and the Command Stations), you can author P2k style presets.
Hope this helps someone.

Hi, I'm a complete newbie in synths, MIDI and all this stuff. I hope I can get some help here. I just bought in eBay an e-Mu Vintage Keys keyboard and also a Vintage Keys sound module (the sound patches are not all the same in both devices).
Is it possible to copy some of the presets from the sound module into the RAM presets in the keyboard? If so, how?

Nice site, thanks for your work.

I have a XL-1 Turbo, and I understand it can copy ROMS.

Does anyone know what the EPROMS used by EMU in this line actually _are_? Before I go to far down this path I want to see if the hardware is still available.

Not sure if you found this out yet, but with an E-Mu Ultra Sampler and an E-Mu Ultra Flash SIMM, you can burn samples and then with an E-Mu ROMpler you can create p2k style presets. I seem to recall reading you cannot copy E-Mu factory ROMs to a Flash SIMM.

Hello, question about the Proteus 2000 firmware.
I've got a Virtuoso 2000 with a 1.x firmware. If I upgrade it to the 2.x p2k firmware here, is it still going to boot as Virtuso or is it going to turn it into a generic Proteus 2000?

I answered my own question by just going ahead and doing it: the firmware is the same for all the 2000-series EMU romplers, and the virtuoso remains a virtuoso, as per boot up screen animation, but now has a newer OS. It was super easy with eLoader, even though I was using eLoader for an XL-7

The file E-LoaderOperationManual.pdf for the 2500 is the '' file as well. My 2500 just freezes on boot with all the lights on and I was going to try the e-loader but I don't know anything about it. thanks.

In case people face a Command Station getting stuck when booting up with the only think working is all of the LEDs on full blast . . . I opened up the Command Station and took out the ROMs and then reseated them. That did the trick for me.

Help! I just did a factory reset, and when I rebooted, there were no presets at all. None of the factory presets came back! They all say "blank preset". Any ideas?

Hi Paul

Did you ever get this resolved? My P2K is alos showing blank presets. I've run all diagnostics and they pass except #17 Sound Data CRC Test, which shows (what I assume) to be the four ROM slots. 1 & 2 say 'Invalid', 3 & 4 are blank. I only have the original Composer ROM in slot 1 (which is seated properly) so it'd strange slot 2 is showing invalid - although I did put the Composer ROM in slot 2 to see if it worked so maybe it 'remembered' that.



I also am having an issue with sound output - there is no sound at all through the headphones nor any outputs.
Midi is set to "omni" receive, and the midi light is a solid green, which I assume shows connection.
Any help there would be appreciated, too!

I have exactly the same problem.
I used the " sweet water' online help to RESET TO FACTORY PRESETS.

Now I get some problems
1) all presets say " BLANK PRESET" and USER top right of lcd screen
2) ZERO sound from the unit via headphone or audio outputs.
3) I run hte midi diagnostics and it says " fault on the midi JUMPER midi a /b ?

and when I look at pictures on the internet, on the PROTEUS 2000, I see lots and lots of connectors on the back but on my PROTEUS 2000 the plates are covered by the factory with circle metal (where I see extra midi and other connectors on the internet PROTEUS 2000 photos .. ) .. I simply have on the back midi in/out/through and audio left and right output and the power connector ... the other 7 holes are factory sealed circles, no physical ports.

When I do a ROM SCAN in the diagnostics menu ( hold 2 arrows down when powering on ) .. It says I have NO ROMS inside ( I assume this refers to EXPANSION ROMS? and is not related to the built in sounds that all disappeared when doing a FACTORY RESET ) ?

ALL help greatly appreciated... I paid $86 for this gizmo and oh my .. I had high hopes of a quality product..... I own a Proteus 2 that I like a lot, so was searching for a proteus 2000 because of the rave reviews ... now I got one .. it appears to light up... the controls all do what they are meant to ... other than that it is just a decoration at the moment 🙁 Really hope to get it working and use it in my upcoming music I plan to publish in 2020 for first time EVER 🙂

So sorry to the moderator - I did get my questions answered. No need to post the other ones.
Thanks for running a great site!

For the benefit of anybody else that comes here, which emu device do you have, and what was the solution to your problem?

I have a question, I have an E-MU MP-7 and when I power it on, all the lights come on and it wont go any farther, I tried the hard start and it just stays the same all lights on always, have you heard of this? Or know anyone who may, Thanks Paul cape coral florida

This forum is my last hope, I'm stumped with my issue. I'm using a proteus 2000 with os 2.26 , I cannot play multiple keys on the my controller simultaneously, so playing chords are impossible cause it will only play the 1st key that is struck,it mutes out any keys struck after unless I release the 1st, never seen anything like this with any of my EMU racks/synths only this one. I would like anyone's thoughts on this before I initialize the device, thank you. Mike B

I figured it out, next to the pan is a A for arp trigger, it was set to on, turned off, fixed it immediately, each track has that preset, never even noticed it, thanx for the quick response frankster.

Hey Everyone!!
I have a xl7, when i power up, all the lights stay on & it freezes. After a few minutes , i get a ' Err: A[] bit stuck low A1-- continue?' The only button that works is the soft power on/off. when i turn it off , it takes longer for the same message to re-appear.

Hi, does anyone know how to solve this problem please, I have this same issue with my MP-7, when turning power on, all lights are on and it will not react any further.

Many thanks for your helpful web page - The file have helped me upgrade my OS for my 2500 - I still have a problem with patterns 040(SE Jive) & 057 (Make it Stop) - they freeze the machine and I can only reboot. Does any body have a solution?

Dear Francis,
I have tried so many times to resolve the problems I am experiencing with updating my Proteus 2000 operating system software version 1.11 to 1.26 but without success,I would also appreciate a copy of version 1.24 if possible.

The following files I downloaded from your web site :
1/ E-Loader 1.1 Installer.exe
2/ E-Loader operation manual.
3/ p2k226.dli


Proteus Family SysEx 2.2.pdf



I would also like to thank you for taking your time and effort setting up your web site with E-MU system software updates and other programs for us to use,i'm sure I speak for us all that it is very well appreciated.

I have taken the time and effort sending emails to CREATIVE requesting parts and updates and they have not the common decency to reply to any of them,it's that sort of attitude that can ruin the reputation of a long standing company,I clearly remember the great old Emulators 1 & 2 as seen on the BBC Top of the Pops being used by bands such as Depeche Mode and Thomas Dolby,it is a shame it seems Creative have little respect for the E-MU company's hard work and past ground breaking advances in audio technology,without us there is no Creative I hope they read this and show us a little respect by replying to our emails.

Computer : Mac Pro 2.1 (8 core) Year 2007
Processor : 2 x 3Ghz Quad-Core Intel Xeon
Memory : 16 GB 667 MHz DDR2 FB-DIMM
Startup Disk : Snow Leopard version 10.6

USB 2.0 MIDI lead : Simple cable with a USB connector on one end and one separate standard 5 pin MIDI IN and separate standard 5 pin MIDI Out on the other.I purchased this from Maplins and although it is for USB 2.0 they assured me it is compatible with USB 1.0 and anything in between so I don't think it's a cable issue,however I might be wrong?

Parallels Desktop 8 build 8.0.18354
Windows XP Home edition version 2002 Service Pack 2

PROTEUS 2000 SETUP: MASTER parameters:
MIDI MODE : POLY - accepted
MIDI SYSEX PACKET DELAY : 300 Milliseconds

PROCEDURE : I turn on the Mac,start Parallels 8,start Windows XP and finally start E-Loader 1.1

E-loader 1.1
INPUT PORT - USB Audio Device
OUTPUT PORT - USB Audio Device

Windows XP has created the Proteus 2000 ID as USB Audio Device

SHOW FILTERS - ENABLE DISPLAY OF - All boxes are ticked/on.

I sent a single MIDI patch SysEx dump from my Proteus 2000 to E-Loader's MIDI MONITOR BOX and this information was displayed there,so no issues sending and receiving data from my Proteus 2000 to E-Loader.

DEVICE : USB Audio Device
Clicking any of the MIDI blocks on screen sends the corresponding MIDI Note from E-Loader to my Proteus 2000 which in turn plays that information,so no issues with midi reception.

DEVICE : USB Audio Device
UPLOAD : This feature does not work with my Proteus 2000,I receive the following error message:

"Some of the items selected for upload indicate their names were not successfully loaded.You must refresh the names before proceeding OK"

This message is displayed again even after selecting REFRESH prior to UPLOAD.

I selected the P1K226 file.
DEVICE : USB Audio Device
STATUS : waiting for download request

At this point as instructed in the E-Loader 1.1 manual,I turned on the Proteus 2000 while holding in the AUDITION and HOME/ENTER buttons to request the OS Update and E-Loader displayed the following message :

STATUS : multiple requests received (must be resolved)

I am not sure how to resolve this problem and would appreciate any help on updating the Proteus 2000 and advice on where I may have gone wrong with E.Loader 1.1 procedures and look forward to your reply.
Thank you Francis,
All the best.

Dear Francis,
I have tried so many times to resolve the problems I am experiencing with updating my Proteus 2000 operating system software version 1.11 to 2.26 but without success,I would also appreciate a copy of version 2.24 if possible.

The following files I downloaded from your web site :
1/ E-Loader 1.1 Installer.exe
2/ E-Loader operation manual.
3/ p2k226.dli


Proteus Family SysEx 2.2.pdf



I would also like to thank you for taking your time and effort setting up your web site with E-MU system software updates and other programs for us to use,i'm sure I speak for us all that it is very well appreciated.

I have taken the time and effort sending emails to CREATIVE requesting parts and updates and they have not the common decency to reply to any of them,it's that sort of attitude that can ruin the reputation of a long standing company,I clearly remember the great old Emulators 1 & 2 as seen on the BBC Top of the Pops being used by bands such as Depeche Mode and Thomas Dolby,it is a shame it seems Creative have little respect for the E-MU company's hard work and past ground breaking advances in audio technology,without us there is no Creative I hope they read this and show us a little respect by replying to our emails.

Computer : Mac Pro 2.1 (8 core) Year 2007
Processor : 2 x 3Ghz Quad-Core Intel Xeon
Memory : 16 GB 667 MHz DDR2 FB-DIMM
Startup Disk : Snow Leopard version 10.6

USB 2.0 MIDI lead : Simple cable with a USB connector on one end and one separate standard 5 pin MIDI IN and separate standard 5 pin MIDI Out on the other.I purchased this from Maplins and although it is for USB 2.0 they assured me it is compatible with USB 1.0 and anything in between so I don't think it's a cable issue,however I might be wrong?

Parallels Desktop 8 build 8.0.18354
Windows XP Home edition version 2002 Service Pack 2

PROTEUS 2000 SETUP: MASTER parameters:
MIDI MODE : POLY - accepted
MIDI SYSEX PACKET DELAY : 300 Milliseconds

PROCEDURE : I turn on the Mac,start Parallels 8,start Windows XP and finally start E-Loader 1.1

E-loader 1.1
INPUT PORT - USB Audio Device
OUTPUT PORT - USB Audio Device

Windows XP has created the Proteus 2000 ID as USB Audio Device

SHOW FILTERS - ENABLE DISPLAY OF - All boxes are ticked/on.

I sent a single MIDI patch SysEx dump from my Proteus 2000 to E-Loader's MIDI MONITOR BOX and this information was displayed there,so no issues sending and receiving data from my Proteus 2000 to E-Loader.

DEVICE : USB Audio Device
Clicking any of the MIDI blocks on screen sends the corresponding MIDI Note from E-Loader to my Proteus 2000 which in turn plays that information,so no issues with midi reception.

DEVICE : USB Audio Device
UPLOAD : This feature does not work with my Proteus 2000,I receive the following error message:

"Some of the items selected for upload indicate their names were not successfully loaded.You must refresh the names before proceeding OK"

This message is displayed again even after selecting REFRESH prior to UPLOAD.

I selected the P1K226 file.
DEVICE : USB Audio Device
STATUS : waiting for download request

At this point as instructed in the E-Loader 1.1 manual,I turned on the Proteus 2000 while holding in the AUDITION and HOME/ENTER buttons to request the OS Update and E-Loader displayed the following message :

STATUS : multiple requests received (must be resolved)

I am not sure how to resolve this problem and would appreciate any help on updating the Proteus 2000 and advice on where I may have gone wrong with E.Loader 1.1 procedures and look forward to your reply.
Thank you Francis,
All the best.

It sounds like you are experiencing some major frustration. My understanding is that e-loader dates back to the days of Win98SE and might have been updated to work with XP. As for Mac, there are some who say it does not and will not work. There may be others who have gotten it to work. I am totally unfamiliar with Mac emulation of earlier operating systems. My guess is that midi system exclusive might not be fully functional. Also, there can be so many causes to midi communication issues, especially since midi interface drivers are involved.

Unless someone with a Mac has figured out how to get legacy software such as e-loader to work, I'd suggest getting a hold of an old windows PC. I cannot remember if I ever have had e-loader 1.1 working under Windows 7.

Without knowing anything about Macs, and without knowing your setup, I am at a loss to diagnose your issue further. I do know that many people have had problems with 1 in/1 out usb midi interfaces. That could be part of the problem--actually it could be an issue with the drivers. I have read that some usb/midi "cables" cannot do sysex or cannot do sysex sufficiently well, or they have issues with running status, two-way communication, etc.

You could try borrowing a PC and a reliable midi interface to upgrade the OS.

Wish I could be more helpful.


Hello Steve,
Thank you for your reply I appreciate your time and advice.I have used the following OS for the Proteus 2000 in Windows XP:
1/ p2k226.dil
2/ E-Loader 1.1 Installer.exe

I have followed the system software update procedures set out in the E-Loader operation manual,when I turn on the Proteus 2000 while holding in the AUDITION and HOME/ENTER buttons to request the OS Update E-Loader displayed the following message :

STATUS : multiple requests received (must be resolved)

I have also set the Proteus ID to zero but makes no difference.
I have an old Mac G4 and have today purchased a copy of the old OS9 operating system which should be with me by Thursday and will let you know how I get on.Many thanks Steve,all the best.

PPS: >> I selected the P1K226 file.
If you have a Proteus 2000, I believe you need an OS that starts with P2K. And as for wanting OS 2.24 instead of OS 2.26, I believe there is one software package (librarian) that for some reason people have said doesn't work with OS 2.24. If you are using that software (don't ask me the name), it might make sense to go with OS2.24.

Hi there! I've got an old Audity 2000 on v1.0 firmware. Is there any way of upgrading to later firmware? Apologies if this is the wrong place to post this!

Not sure if you resolved this yet. I know next to nothing about the Audity 2000. However, I do know there is an a2k201.dli file floating around the internet. Not sure if that's the most recent or how to update an Audity 2000.

Hi, I have 2 Proteus 2000s and rather ill advisedly attempted to swap an Orchestral Sessions Vol 1 card from one to the other with the power still on. Now it is dead and not recognised in either machine (it was working fine before). Is there anything I can do, or is it fried for good?

EEEEEEK! Major bummer. Two thoughts: (1) What does E-Mu diagnostics report for the ROM (including the checksum test)? (2) Is diagnostics says its bad, you could try putting it into an E-Mu Ultra Sampler to see if the samples are still there. The samples and the p2k based presets are stored in different parts of the ROM, so perhaps you didn't fry the whole thing.

Thanks for the site frankster. To ian & steve: i tried updating my Proteus 2000 using vista and failed .I use my archived win 2k desktop with a mediator and have no problems

Thanks for this archive. After finding an old laptop running xp I managed to (after installing a midi interface on the old laptop!!!!) upgrade my old p2k from 1.24 to 2.26 and now have arps and all those new filters! Thanks! For the information of others it failed to complete the first two times but worked the third time so do persevere!

Hi, can you tell me if it is possible to load your own samples/wavs into the EMU Proteus 2500, via the E-Loader or other software?


No. See comments I just posted to other questions about the E-Mu Ultra Sampler and E-Mu Flash SIMMS. Also, the P2500 can serve as a midi controller for softsynths, including the E-Mu softsynths (Proteus X and Emulator X series). Not sure if you can find the E-Mu page that has the free Proteus VX software.

With the Proteus X2 software, there's a utility that converts emulator (e-mu sampler) files to *.exb files. I am not sure, but maybe that can be used to convert wav files for the e-mu softsynth line.

Hope you don't mind if i trouble you with this question. I have acquired an Emu extreme lead v1 module without any Roms installed. It has its Dram installed. It is running OS v1.00. It does not recognize any roms when they are installed. I have tried the following Roms: TeCnO , Phatt, and Vintage. I do not have the original Extreme Rom. It gives the " User not installed" message after power up. The diagnostic menu operates properly. Will an OS upgrade possibly help? Or is tbe Extreme Lead motherboard looking to find the Extreme Rom in one of the Rom slots, thus allowing the second slot to work for expansion? Basically do i need to at least have the Extreme Rom Installed to use the module? Is there some code on the extreme Rom that the motherboard is looking for. Thanks for any info, Patrick

I assume you mean you have an XL-1 with OS 1.00. Below is a release note for OS 1.03. If you do indeed have an XL-1, I suggest upgrading the OS (if you haven't done so already). Hope this helps.

RELEASE NOTES: Proteus 2000 Version 1.03 Final, July 14, 1999
Problems Fixed in Version 1.03
"User / (not installed)" no longer shows up in the Demo
The MIDI "Reset all controllers" message now behaves
differently. A message with parameter value = 0 resets only
the pitchwheel, mod wheel, pressure and footswitches. A
message with parameter value = 127 resets all of these plus
volume and pan. Messages with any other parameter value are
ignored. The controllers attached to the knobs are no longer
affected by Reset All Controllers messages. This fixes a
user complaint about using Proteus 2000 with Cakewalk, which
by default sends a Reset All Controllers message after every
'Stop' command. In earlier Proteii software, this message
set **all** controllers to zero, which tended to cut off the
filters and have other undesirable effects.
FX cords now behave correctly when switching between
presets. An example of this was switching from the 2nd
preset "kb4:Yo My Dynos" and the 1st preset "kb1:Dynamic
Grand"; the piano sound would be incorrectly sent to the
delay effect. The problem occurred when switching to presets
that had a controller routed to an FX send in the FX cords,
and also had that controller's initial controller value set
to zero.
Problems with a newly selected preset's initial controllers
affecting held notes when switching between presets have
been addressed. This was easily heard by turning on Audition
or just holding a chord and then switching between presets.
Held notes were usually undesirably affected by the new
preset's initial controller amounts, causing notes with long
releases, lowered filters, etc. Now Controllers A-H only
affect held notes if that preset is the current preset on
the MIDI channel.
If you update via MIDI download the CRC is E9EDC219.

How do you do.
I have gained Proteus 2500 but auction and me he was got with fault. The Fault I have avoided but turned out to be that beside it else and is absent the microcircuit BIOS. Her(its) someone have took out of connector and has not installed on place. Help me please to restore the module. Knows anyone what marking beside this microcircuits of the memories? Can prompt anyone, where possible find the lace trim? Can be anyone has прощивка or microcircuit itself. On printed charge she U15 and on connector PLCC32.
Wait your answer. For earlier many thanks!

So grateful that there are people out there with knowledge that they are prepared to take the time to share...........

I have a number of E-Mu modules, and I love them dearly. I have tried updating the OS on my XL1 (non-turbo) using the e-loader and P1K226 dli that you kindly put up.

Everything goes swimmingly (I have a PC running Windows 7 with M-Audio Uno USB MIDI interface) up to a point then the 'download' stops. I receive an error message in E-loader stating: "DOWNLOAD FAILED!" and the XL1's displays reads ERROR downloading: MIDI: Time out.

Has anyone encountered this issue please?

UPDATE: I borrowed an laptop with XP installed and after initially running up against the same issue at the first few attempts the update was successful.

It was probably coincidental, but the attempt that was finally successful was after I decided to coincide the OS update with the downloading/installing of Windows updates (the laptop had not been powered up for a while) and I felt that the CPU being fully occupied meant that the OS update ran its entire course without timing out!

Hey Rob,

I am having this issue aswell!

I am running Win XP through Virtualbox on Win 8.1

Download seems to go swimmingly until the MIDI light stops blinking on my Proteus 2000, Then I get the MIDI: Time out! message :/

Does the Sysex packet delay # matter? It's default is set to 300. I've tried different values but it's hard to tell if they make a difference because the error occurs at random it seems.

Appreciate any help I could get!

Ok, so I ended up trying a different computer running XP with Virtualbox and the UNO... it worked perfectly! That loading bar had me hanging at the edge of a cliff my friends!!! haha

I have no BIOS. Without BIOS computer does not set the relationship up with module and no renovations of the programs impossible. I it is necessary to know that to search for. Mikrochipa U15 no on printed board. Who can say, there must be a chip? Or this service connector and there микрочип does not be fixed?
Proteus 2500

Hi, I have a 2500 which I am using to sequence a Waldorf Microwave XT and was wondering if you can record programmable knob movements to the sequencer, when the knobs are in 'program' mode? I have Knob 1 set up correctly and it affects the filter cut off (cc50)for the XT, but it wont record my movements. However, I can record the assignable controllers (when using the knobs in 'quick edit' mode but they only allow you to assign cc numbers 1-32 and 64-99. The MWXT filter cut off is cc50, so therefore it cannot be assigned to a real time controller and again, not be recorded. Any help much appreciated!

How do you do! I need the help. Try to repair Proteus 2500. No no information on his(its) completing. If You installed the additional cards with sound. I need information. There is microcircuit In connector U15, or he start;put? This is a square-wave connector in the middle. There was do a good job photo inwardly. Unless will obstruct, send on my address: Thank you.

Hello. I have a Proteus 2500 and when it boots up it says Ver 1.18. It looks from these posts like there is an update, but I am not sure how to get it or load it. I use a 2013 iMac. Is there a way to update it at this point? Thanks very much!

Hello! Anybody here can provide a binary image of the UltraProteus operating system, for burning it on an Eprom?
Thanks in advance for any help!

I recently purchased a used Proteus 2000 unit, but it seems that it is stuck only on the first preset (drum kit) and turning the wheel does not change the presets at all.
Tried several modalities but nothing worked.
Anyone who can help with a feedback/solution on this issue?
Thank you in advance.


Hi there.

I have a Proteus 2000 and it has developed a fault whereby every 15 mins or so the output becomes hissy and very quiet. The unit has to be turned off and on again to resolve, which obviously makes live performance and recording virtually impossible. Does anyone have any idea what might be going on and how I might solve the problem?

I just bought a Proteus 2000 on ebay with a Prom 1 installed instead of a composer. I think this was a get it out the door sale. Anyway to copy the prom patches I like to a composer proteus since all of the sound sets are the same? I tried proteum and I am getting sysex too fast messages.

Hello! Anybody here can provide a binary image of the Mo Phatt OS, for burning it on an Eprom?
Thanks for help!


I have Proteus X

No matter what bank I load it only plays the middle of my keyboard notes. The sides do not play anything. I tried the keyboard settings already. Nothing please help would be greatly appreciated.

I have both Proteus X2 and Proteus VX. I probably have the original Proteus X. If that is the version you are using, I might be able to install it. Are you having the problem with the software keyboard or an external keyboard? Also, do you get the same problem with Proteus VX?

I am looking at Proteus X2 now. If you haven't solved the problem yet, try this (I hope Proteus X has the same layout):
1. Select a Preset.
2. Look at Voices and Zones
3. If there is a keyboard zone map at the bottom of each tab/map, does the zone that plays a different color than the zone that doesn't play?

More info:
On the Proteus X2, the playable zone is powder blue; the non-playable zone is a darker blue for multi-samples that cover the whole keyboard range. For others, under the Mix/Tune tab, each sample has its own range. The colors on Proteus X2 range from: dark blue, powder blue, white, and medium dark grey

If your preset consists of several samples, check the Key Win tab. Where the samples are listed, you can see where the each sample is layered across the keyboard. In the lower right you can see the various zone settings (low/high/fade) for the other zonable parameters.

As you select the various samples that make up the patch, the colors on the keyboard at the bottom of the Voices and Zones parameters change to show you the range of each sample. There's a whole lot more, but I am hoping this is enough to help you diagnose the problem you described.

If you have the original Proteus X, I hope it is similar enough to the 2X to be helpful. I would rather not have to install the original version.

Of course, if you are using a midi keyboard with software that can do zones, maybe the issue is not with Proteus X. I suggest using the built-in virtual keyboard (if the original has it; not sure if it was added in 2X).

If necessary, you might want to install the software from the original factory disk. (Hmmmm. You are not using a hacked, version are you? If so, I'd suggest try downloading the free Proteus VX and see if that has the problem.)

Hope this helps.

Hi. Does anyone know why my mp7 wont recognise my audity rom? Mp7 is running latest os. Audity is v1 but I assume that isn't on the rom.

Anyone shine some light on this?

I am not 100% sure on this, but I believe the Audity ROM is only for the Audity--not the P2K-based boxes. I have seen people with Audities on the Proteus 2000 and XL7/Command Station Yahoo Groups. I'd ask there.

OK. I found some comments about this at the XL-7 Group:

May 8, 2015
I know this isn't exactly on topic, but I got an AP530-02 ROM in an MP7 I bought the other day. I've figured out/remembered that this is a ROM SIMM for the EOS samplers, but I haven't been able to figure out what might be on it. I believe the -01 is dance sounds, but I have no clue on the -02. Anybody?

Saturday, 9 May 2015, 11:11
Subject: Re: [xl7] AP530-02 ROM?

I believe that is the ROM from the Audity 2000 module. Sadly, it does not work with the P2K series.

24223Re: [xl7] AP530-02 ROM? May 8, 2015

It is the excelsior ROM from an audity 2K, but you can put it in an ULTRA sampler as well. No preset ROM so the P2K doesn't know how to read it. Its got a "composer" like soundset on it, or an 'audity' like soundset if you prefer. The -00 is the one from an ESynth Ultra. If you don't have and audity 2000 or ultra sampler its just junk.


If you like the samples/multisamples on the Audity ROM, you might be interested in an XLEAD (possibly an XL-7 ROM). In an Ultra sampler, the XLEAD ROM shows up as an Audity soundset.

Hope this helps.

PS: In the Files section of the P2K group there is an excellent file called, "Identifying ROM SIMs.txt." Perhaps that might be of interest.

I'm having trouble with my Proteus 2000. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Here is a video of what happens when I turn it on. You can see that after I turn it on the screen just shows a black bar at the top and the home/enter button flashes. It will stay like this until I press the home/enter button. After pressing it the unit finishes loading, but the screen remains the same. As far as I can tell the unit works normally after pressing the button, except the screen only displays the black bar at the top making impossible to properly use it. Sometimes if I leave it on like this for a while and then turn if off and on again, it will load like normal.

Hi Ian, just wondering if you ever found a solution to this issue, as I seem to have the same start-up problem. In my case diagnostics reports everything is fine, but I have to press the start button several times before my proteus 2000 will eventually start up normally.

My E6400 Will not Boot after I tried to update the OS with a flashprep disk does anyone have any idea how I do this

Thanks for this Page. I just bought an XL-1 and should have it next week, wanted one since they came out way back in the day... hope updating goes smooth but looks like all the answers are here.

I am very confused on what it is i actually need to update an XL-1. any help would be great... i have access to a mac and Windows XP

I managed the force-install but it couldn't communicate with any of the USB interfaces (new or old) available. I'm back to the Mac version (believe it or not I can still boot system 9 on one of my desktops)-does anyone have a Mac-specific version of the dll or know how to get the mac version of the E-loader to recognize the PC dll?

12-3-16 2PM Sat.
Thank you again, frankster, for all the work you put into collecting and providing these file links in your post. Don (Vero Beach, Fl.)
PS: Proteus 2/XR: I spent quite a few HOURS long into last night (early morning) trying to get set sounds to MiDi channels and getting my Yamaha PSR S910 to trigger them (as it did to my SC-55 Sound Canvas). Nothing good came of it. It's in mint condition & yet I could not get it to play nothing other than Ch 1=my lead hand. I believe if I can not even get it to play multi channels I should pass it forward. Anyone interested please e-mail me. I can NOT see holding on to something I am NOT going to use to make my music. It's a fully functional Proteus 2/XR. Thank you again, frankster, for all the work . Merry Christmas.

Don, I don't have my Proteus 1 set up, so I can't check it out immediately. If you are still having the problem that only midi data will only play sounds on midi channel 1, I will plug mine in and look for some possible settings to check. Actually, first check page 18 of the Proteus 1/2/3 manual. For data to be received and play on each of the 16 midi channels, you want multitimbral mode [aka multi mode].

Also, check page 19 re: disabling midi mode change--just to make sure the external gear is not turning the Proteus 2 to Onmi or Poly mode. Also, on that page, make sure midi is enabled for each channel you want the Proteus 2 to play via midi.

If you hand selected the presets for each channel, you probably want to turn preset change for each channel off. If your other gear send bank switching midi commands to the P/2 and the P/2 doesn't have those banks, you won't get sounds on those channels.

If you have a midi keyboard you can connect directly to the P/2, you could set the keyboard to each of the midi channels one by one to see if the midi data is being received on each channel; The midi light should blink on and off for each midi keypress and I believe each release.

I don't remember if the RX versions had the demo sequences removed to make extra space for the extra presets. I think they were deleted, otherwise I'd suggest playing the demo tunes to make sure all of the audio channels are working.

Well, just looking at the manual, those are the basic things I'd check given your description of the problem. If it would help, I'd be glad to hook up my P/1 if none of those settings solve the problem.


THANKS Steve for having this page up and downloads still available. 🙂 I upgraded my MP7! And added the patterns and banks.

I was successful at using a Motu Fastlane Midi Interface along with a Macbook running Windows XP on Parallels. It was important to download the Motu Windows XP driver for the Eloader to recognize the MOTU. Otherwise it went smoothly.

Thanks again.

oops! I need to make an edit. The MOTU interface was the one I couldn't get to work with the MP7. It was an old Saffire USB 6 Interface.

Oh--I just read and reply. Credit for this site goes to Francis Fisher!!!! He and I both were concerned when the e-mu site kept disappearing (sometimes for months!). My site doesn't have Q&A/Comments, but I am happy to help sort through problems here to the best of my ability.

BTW, I use a couple of different parallel port version of older MOTU midi interfaces on XP (8x8 and 4x6). I tried Win 10 but there is just no way to fool Win 10 into working with the parallel port drivers--at least not that I can figure out!

Hey sorry to chime in so late, but I have to ask in regards to the ultra version being able to burn/write its own simm eprom. Just my onion (lol) but it seems like it would be pretty idiotic to move away from E-mu samples in the first place, because between filters and what all...... isn't that what we pay for?

My question does pertain to the idea of burning/writing your own Simm Eprom cards without the ultra machines. like, is there an adapter or a separate mechanism i could buy? and remember that this also fall into me wanting to find out what kind of information is on the E-mu eprom cards and copying my own. Lets be realistic now. I have bought a couple and we can all agree that the price it outrageous. CONSIDERING creative has ben giving away the sound sets for years. I got into late and I happen to like the architect and mechanics of the synth. so

what files are on these cards? I recently bugged sound designer @RobPapen who told me that his cards where rare and hard to obtain (ummmm) anyway h supplied me with several bank files (bnk0_bg_v3.2.MID - bnk1_bg_v3.2.MID - bnk2_bg_v3.2.MID--bnk3_bg_v3.2.MID) ok cool well i am un familiar with cakewalk and refuse to try to design these sounds on a pc. so the questions is what an i do with these midi files? I also have the bank preset the XL hardware ( XL7 PRESETS (5 banks).mid ) is there something I am missing? because on this legacy page I also se drummed txt? ARGH I'm so confused

and i see that theUltra


does this mean i can run an app from the computer and burn the noms this way?

I can't afford an emulator4 with everything preloaded so i want to start collecting cards, and eventually mixing presets/

can anybody help me please

please please please

Some quick responses to a couple of things you brought up.
(1) Third-party burnable sound ROMS. In the Yahoo P2K Group and/or XL-7 Group, one member discussed a project to make something sort of like you ask about, but not exactly. I haven't seen much discussion of it in recent years and I don't know if he actually made some. If interested, check out those groups.
(2) I believe the EOS executables make floppy disks that an EOS sampler could use to update the OS. Not 100% sure, but its something like that--but I doubt you can burn Sound ROMS with those executable files.
(3) Over the past year EOS-Emulator 4 Ultras and add-ons have increase in proce based on what I have seen on e-bay. Also, since it's a sampler, to me it makes more sense to use *.e4b files than to use Sound ROMs. The most recent OS supports IDE drives and you can get a lot of *e4b files on an 80GB IDE drive.
(4) It was nice that Rob Papen gave you the *.mid files. My guess is that those only contain presets (not samples/multisamples) and are designed for the Beat Garden Sound ROM. If you don't have that ROM, I suppose you could change the ROM ID in each of the presets to the ROM ID of, say for example, an XL-7 ROM. You can find more about how to do that and the limitations at the Yahoo Groups I mentioned.
(5) Also, I have seen other *.mid files from e-mu. They load presets into User banks from a device that can play midi files to your gear. Non-LE versions of Cakewalk software have a feature that lets you send sysex banks via midi. Possibly the LE versions might have that, but with the non-LE versions you can >>see<< the sysex banks. So, for the e-mu *.mid files you could see all of the sysex banks that get sent out when you play the midi file. I am guessing the same is true for the BG bank files.

I hope this helps with some of the larger questions you raised.

Hi There and thank you very much for this "priceless"list of Presets, loader and other useful applications.

I just installed the loader on my laptop using Vista Business. The application seems to work well and I can easily access the pattern list to reload the sequences in my MP-7.

Therefore, I am facing an issue: e-loader can’t recognize my MP-7 using the USB plug. It says on the loader’ operation manual that there is no specific USB driver for the mp-7, so it seems that my laptop can’t find the groovebox.

Any idea how I can fix it ?

Thanks for your help


Over the years I have issues with installing the usb drivers. I believe they were written/last updated during the Windows 98 SE era. I seem to remember having it work on XP, the it didn't work, but then it did again--maybe. I am pretty sure I tried to trick Win10 into installing the drivers without an success. I have never had any sort of Windows Vista machine; so, I have no idea about that. I heard there were a number of peculiarities with Vista, but if it is sort of close to XP, it might be worth another try. I think its in the Yahoo XL-7 group that I have screen shots from Device Manager showing various states in the e-mu driver installation process. Also, I am sure I have written about my experiences (attempts, frustrations, successes) with the usb driver installation. Maybe those will help.

If all else fails, use midi i/o. I think its like 7x slower (or was it 2.3x slower). It sounds like you already have the midi i/o working.

I am not sure about your comment from the e-loader manual about there being no specific usb driver for the mp-7. I will take a look for that.

Dear Francis,
I am writing in hopes that you will know something about E-MU diagnostics codes. I recently installed the Peter Siedlaczek Advanced Orchestra ROM in a Virtuoso I received one day before the ROM. After installing the ROM I decided to run a check to see if my new ROM was good and it came out as PASSED on the screen. Everything about the module passed except for the following message:
Testing Sound ROM Slot 1
Bad BLK : 1a
Can you tell me what this message means? If not do you know where to go to find out? I am writing you from the US so there is a time difference between us. I am new to this unit and so far have done nothing but audition different sounds and it seems to be OK as far as that goes. Do you know what this bad blk controls and is there a way to fix a bad blk? Any info you might have would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks so much for your time,

Thanks for the info. I will do that. In the meantime if someone on this site comes across the answer to deciphering E-MU's diagnostic codes please let us know.
Once again,
Thanks for your time,

For anyone else facing this issue, Jim raised the issue in the P2K Yahoo group, where you can find a little additional discussion. (Just making a cross reference in case some has the problem and sees the issue raised here.)

I just checked my files; I don't seem to have the procussion factory presets. I seem to have a manual and a ctrlr panel someone did. I did not see the factory presets in the files zipped up with the ctrlr panel, but if you go to that site, maybe the person who developed the panel has them. (Don't tell me that it's your panel.) Also, evidently some of the website grabs at have some docs. Have you looked there?

I will keep my eyes open.

Updates: (1) I tried several site grabs at without any success. (2) The "current" e-mu site had a dead link. (3) It doesn't look like the ctrlr panel includes the original presets. (4) Someone in 2009 said they had the sysex file, but I couldn't find links anywhere. I will continue to keep my eyes open. If you find it, please share!

I located someone who has a file that looks like it's for the Procussion. The sysex header starts off: F0 18 06 00 01 40 00 . . . . On numbered page 108, the manual says:
Kit Data F0 18 06 dd 01 ll mm ... cs F7 [dd is the device number]; so I am guessing the file is the Kit Data. If you need this and want to try it, I strongly urge you to save whatever data you have on the Procussion first, maybe even a few times. The sysex file can be found at: Click on Other Resources > Presets then select the Parent Directory > Procussion. If you need the manual Click on E-MU Docs then Procussion. Hope this helps.

Footnotes: The size of the file is 64 x 1282 [82, 048 bytes] and ll mm runs from 40 00 to 7F 00. Since the size of one preset of kit data is 1282 (per manual page # 117 - in the Reference section), I'm guessing those would load into into presets 64 to 127. That's 100% speculation on my part.

Just to say thanks for putting together this excellent archive. I thought I'd comment on my experience updating a Proteus 2000 and B-3.

Proteus 2000 1.05 - updated to 2.26
B-3 1.00 - updated to 1.21

I was not confident that the updates would work but they did! S0 I thought I'd share the details of my setup:

Hackintosh running Yosemite 10.10.5
Parallels running XP
iConnectMidi2 interface

I installed the E-Loader in Parallels then connected to the iConnectMidi2 - no drivers are reared for this in XP as Parallels 'steals' the interface from the Mac.

I set SysEx transmission to 300ms on both modules. I updated the Proteus 2000 first after testing the MIDI port with the tester. The whole update took about 2 mins and ended with the correct checksum. I repeated the process with the B-3 with similar success.

The big advantage for me on both these updates is the addition of CC11 - expression. This is absolutely crucial for the B-3.

The additional files were obtained from:

A really excellent resource.

Glad to hear of your success with the updates; your details should give others who might have issues updating the OS a guide and encouragement! I like CC11, too. I usually use CC7 for main volume (set it and forget it!) and tweak CC11 on varoius channels and gear--basically submixing. I might look at the B-3 presets, though, to see what parameters CC11 controls.

Just to let you know Synth Gear Docs now has a user name and password--but its right there in the open (navigation panel). Bots, esp. international bots, keep downloading everything over and over--even though the content hasn't changed in six or seven years. I figure those bots have better things to do--like mine stuff from politicians, governments, etc.

Also, links will be added--esp. to this excellent site as well as explanations of sites that don't work or that work partially. As for the "official legacy site," for several years, the user interface has worked, but the docs are not available (404 - file or directory not found). The Way Back Machine bots have captured the user interface but not the docs, although they have captured many of the descriptive web pages (non-document) from over the years--of historical interest.

Thanks for the website plug; glad to hear more than just international bots are using the site!!

I need to re-load all the bank and patterns on a recently acquired Emu XL-7 with Version 2 software. A friend accidentally did a factory re-set, and now there are oly blank patterns. The original CD or a copy of it will help immensely. Otherwise this amazing unit is headed for parting out or re-cycling. I also have Proteus 2000 that need to be updated. Amazingly my original Noah's ark Proteus-1 and the Procussion modules are still working. So much for Creative, eh? Cheers.

The factory patterns and songs are all available at several places on the internet. As far as getting rid of it simply because it no longer has the factory songs and pattern--the advantage of not having them loaded is that there is more room for user sequences. Also, if the unit is working fully, it can be used as a sound module and controller with 16 knobs for various functions and 16 buttons as well. Even if it has no ROMs it can be used as an arpeggiator for external gear.

Thanks again. I got it working, but it now says "No Sound Rom installed' when I powered up.I used the anti-static wrist-wrap before I opened it up or touched anything.. I installed the sound Rom as per instructions, but to no avail. I'm at my wit's end here. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Hello there. I still can't get my Emu XL-7 operational. It keeps saying 'NO SOUND ROM INSTALLED' I moved the ROM to...slot 1, then 2, 3, 4. Nothing. I am quite sure I have it properly inserted. It was the original ROM that came with the unit. It could be a bad mother-board, or a bad Rom. I even installed another ROM from my working Proteus 2000 module. Nothing!!! Thanks to everyone that tried to help, but this very nice unit will either be 'parted-out' for sale, or re-cycled. After that, I will get rid of the Proteus 2000 while it is still functional. Cheers.

If you still have it, I'd suggest running some of the diagnostics if you haven't done that yet. Boot while holding both cursor left and cursor right. In OS2.0 on my P2500, diagnostic service 13 is the Sound Rom Test. You should be able to test each slot. If the test says Passed. the rom should be OK. There's also service 15: Sound Data CRC Test. That should report the CRC value for each slot that has a valid sound ROM.

Hi everyone.
Hopefully someone here can help me out. I've got a MP-7 that when i power it up all the lights come on, screen is blank except for a - on the left hand side and no sound or any function is capable of being made/done. Any ideas what the problem might be and how to fix it? It just started doing this a couple days ago.


If it got moved around, it might be a good idea to safely check to make sure all roms and cables didn't loosen. Then run the non-destructive diagnostics, if you can get that far. If not, perhaps you need to reinstall the OS you had on there.

Again Creative have actually taken the time to remove support documents, drivers, software, and manual from their severs! They are so lame and cheap! Does anyone have a link for the actual Turbo Phatt manual?

It looks like it was there since July 24, 2017. If you still need the manual, log into E-Mu Docs using instructions in the navigation panel. Or try the Orbit 3 User Group.

Hi does anyone has a copy the TECNO Preset Banks for XL-7 (.mid) Pattern & Songs
I erased them all inside my machine by error.

Are you talking about 16-controller based modifications for use with the TECNO ROM when placed inside a Command Station/P2500 done by E-Mu? If so, I don't think I have ever those. I have seen them for other E-Mu Roms, though.

Or, are you talking about the extra banks that are posted at the Orbit-3 Yahoo! User Group?

If the latter, they should still be there.

Hope this helps.

I've just discovered your emu site. I've not had time to go thru it all yet but the little bit I've seen is impressive.
I've been using (& have been for the most part, in love with) emu samplers since getting an emax 2 new back in the early '90's.
Since then I've had an esynth ultra & an ESI 4000.
In Aug '98 I wrote an article on the emax family for Sound On Sound & there will probably be numerous related resources buried in my studio that might supplement your own.
My biggest prob has been find someone to repair my failed emax2r & esu so that i can access a voice collection lovingly assembled & edited over twenty five years. Incidentally I would be only too willing to share these voices.
best wishes & thank you

Have you tried eprelectronics? (They are in the US, though.)
As for your collection of sounds, are they compatible with EOS [aka EIV] line which use the *.e4b bank format? If so, you might be able to salvage them using the software line (e.g., Emulator X3) if they are on a medium that can be read.

hey all! I just found this resource! Frankster, thanks for holding the line, even when the manufacturer can't/won't.

I have an Auidty 2000, on v2.0 with both ROM banks filled (Excelsior and Isis).

I've replaced the lithium battery and cleared up the NVRAM error, but now am getting the "Searching for OS..." error. (I can get past this by holding down the CLOCK+SAVE/COPY buttons. If I then pop into the Master menu, and try to scroll past "Arp Controller", it errors out with an "Error! Code=001 Fatal:Bad Instruction_" and the system hangs. argh!!)

Does anybody here have any direction I should pointing myself in to resolve this (these)? Should I try to locate a servicer? Is this something I can resolve myself? (I'm rather technically proficient and unafraid of diving in) Are there more knowledgeable lurkers here who have binary images of the OS for burning a new EPROM chip? etc.

Any direction form anyone would be great! Thanks much!

Good news, I was able to get the device revived and updated successfully! It's now been updated to v2.01 and life is good! All errors have cleared.

It would still be great to get a hold of a service manual for this beast tho... Anyone have one squirreled away??? I'd be willing to put in the effort to scan/digitize/OCR if someone lets me borrow and return.

Hi Griggs,
I'm stuck at the 'Searching for OS...' screen on a P2500.

Can't get through to the diagnostics by pressing both enter buttons when powering up 🙁

What did you do to kick som life into your A2000?

Anyone else?

Please share, Thx!

Hi there, the "E-LoaderOperationManual.pdf"-link for Proteus 2500 is the same link as which leads to "" so there is no E-LoaderOperationManual.pdf to download. Can you fix it? Thanks! Also where can I get the most recent aka last 🙂 firmware for Proteus 2500 - I don't see it listed under the files for Proteus 2500. Big thanks for your work. It is really important to keep this wonderful instruments alive!

Hi There,

I'm having a problem with my Proteus 2000, and I'm wondering if anyone has encountered anything similar... When I power it up, everything works fine, but after a while (anywhere from 5-30 minutes), the unit appears to go into 'quick edit' mode. One by one, the LEDs next to the realtime control knobs come on, and the sound is altered.

There are no changes on the P2K display when this happens, and it happens regardless of whether I've made any inputs via my controller (an M-Audio Keystation Pro 88, if that matters). I can turn the control knobs back to their "original" positions (i.e., the LEDs go out, and the sound returns to normal); but this is annyoing to have to do every time use it, and would preclude it from being used live.

If I restart the unit, things return to normal; but only for a few minutes, and then it happens again. I've reset both the P2K and the controller to factory settings, but no change. I haven't upgraded the firmware (I've been having nothing but trouble getting that to work...), but not sure if that will help.

Any help/suggestions would be much appreciated. Thanks!

try calibrate controller knobs - its in the manual
it does says leave it on for 30 mins before doing this as when warmed up these can drift of calibration which could be whats happening with yours.
hope this help

No preset b3 sounds...keeps returning to default number
I have an emu b3 - I am not interested in using a computer with it - I just want to have a good organ sound come out of my electric piano. With one Midi cable, and plugging the emu into my amp, it's working! (yay!) , but when I spin the "wheel" on the emu b3 to explore different preset sounds, the digital number keeps reverting back to one specific sound, which is blank. I have read the manual and looked a lot online...

Anyone else have this problem? What am I doing wrong?

Sounds typical of a bad encoder problem, but it could be something else. If you turn the encoder (aka The Big Knob) very slowly with the cursor under the preset number, does the preset change?

Also, try entering diagnostics mode by powering up with both cursor buttons depressed ( ). Under OS 2.26 on my P2K-base unit, I have used Test 4 to help verify the problem is the encoder.

4 = Panel Test - The encoder is D (for Dial, I guess) and should go smoothly from 000 to 255. If it jumps around when you turn the encoder, to me that is typical of a bad encoder. If I turn the encoder about 1 notch for every 2-3 seconds, sometimes the D number will go sort of smoothly.

My soldering skills are not good, so I haven't replaced the wonky encoder, but I have seen others talk about their successes.

Some people have had success using a special spray--NOT a lubricating spray which would be used for a potentiometer, but a cleaning spray used for encoders. I have not tried that yet.

Finally, I recall that somewhere someone posted instructions on how to remove the encoder and clean it. I definitely do not have the dexterity to attempt that.

Hope this helps.

Thanks so much for this page! I was able to update the OS on my Proteus 2000, Vintage Pro, Virtuoso 2000 and B-3. I had a lot of trouble running e-Loader (had to set up an old PC with XP in the end) but after re-initializing user data (factory reset) it managed to complete the updates.

Thanks for the mention - I came here to add a link to it myself 🙂

My page uses the Web MIDI API to talk to E-mu synths from within Google Chrome, so it'll run on macOS and Windows, and probably Linux too (perhaps even Android if you're running 5.0+ and Chrome for Android).

I'd love to hear of any successes (or failures?) that people have using my software.

I think I'm also still missing quite a few different DLI files. It's rumoured that there's a 1.07 for the PK-6, but I've never seen it. If you have any DLI files that aren't in the usual places please drop me a line.

Can anybody help me with 2 issues i have on my proteus 2k.
Bear in mind i'm a newbie.
1 - i installed the xlead rom to go along with the composer rom. For the composer rom, efx a+b can be controlled via the front panel, but not the x-lead, the bottom row is wild 1-4. Do i have to menu dive to turn off the xlead efx (i want to use my own).
2 - i've turned on 'send arp midi' so i can use other gear with the arp. works great. i can control the speed with a cc. What i really want to do is to sync the arps from external midi clock, but i can't seem to work out how to do it. I'm using a drum machine that sends midi clock and merging it with a keyboard that holds a note to trigger the arp, but it won't recognize the drum machine midi clock. i know i'm using the right midi channel as note can be played in the p2k by hitting drum pads on the drum machine, and the DM locks to any other peice of midi gear in or out
any clues. i have a deepmind 12d that works perfectly for arp midi clock locking in the same setup.

Issue 1: I can think of 2 possible ways you might be able to use the E-Mu box so the xlead presets don't have fx while the cmpsr rom presets do, but they involve editing various parameters. I'd try to write them up, but I'd have to spend some time enumerating the steps and I no longer have as much "attention-to-detail-ability" that I used to. If you haven't solved it yet, I will give it a try.

Issue 2: "it won't recognize the drum machine midi clock" - I have had much success driving 1 ru P2K modules from the P2500 midi clock, so they do recognize midi clock. In fact as a test I have gone crazy with the P2500 clock by turning it rapidly from 0 bpm to 300 bpm across a super long midi cable (12 foot, maybe more). The modules stayed in sync.

With the E-Mu on the BASE TEMPO menu page and set to "use MIDI" does the value of nnn in the "(current: nnn) section change to match the drum machine's tempo?

Also, are you 100% that whatever you are using to merge the midi data has clock data from only one source (the drum machine)? I know from experience that multiple clock sources messes up midi sync.

Hope this helps.

Somewhere (check the usual places) someone posted some of the CS schematics. Also, someone posted the tech manual for the EOS/EIV samplers. I am pretty sure I don't have either of these on my site.

My 2500 has an issue with the master volume being flakey - anything below full CW will cause the unit to crash and not start on power up, where it acts like a light dimmer for the leds - no idea why and I'm a tech so it's a head scratcher. As long as I leave it at full CW, no problems, which is 'ok' since you can edit each voice for individual volume but technically, the issue is bothersome. Also, the unit is missing the light pipes for Command Functions, MIDI In/Out and the two bottom middle panels - the LED's work fine but you have to view them straight-on through the panel holes.

I don't know what CW means, but it sounds like an electrical issue if the leds dim and changing the master volme causes a crash.

That being said, I used to just leave the back rocker switch on and turn my P2500 on and off from the front panel button. Then I noticed that the button didn't always work right away. So I used the rocker switch. I noted that after it was off for a while, the front button seemed to work better for a while.

I do not do much with circuits, but from what I know, it seemed to be that the sub-power button circuitry might have been affected by leaving the rocker switch on all the time. With my limited knowledge of electronics (and no schematics!) it just seemed like power was "there" all the time and the sub-power button caused the P2500 to boot and do a power-down routine.

I mention all this because the volume knob is probably on the same board as the sub-power button. Again, that leads me to suspect an electrical issue. I have no idea how to fix it, but I hope this helps.

One more thing: when using E-Mu's Remote Control mode, if the volume knob is anything other than up full, the remote control sysex data from the volume knob fluctuates a few numbers constantly.

I have an emu MP7 that I poured my soul into. It stopped firing up about 5 years ago and I put it in a closet. I just pulled it back out, hoping that by some miracle it would work but it does not. It freezes mid power up. Does anyone know if there is a way to save it or at least save my patterns and sequences?

Following proper anti-static precautions, have you opened it up and made sure the SIMMs, cables, etc. are all firmly where they should be?

Also, does it boot into diagnostic mode (power up while holding down both cursor buttons)? If so, maybe you can run some of the diagnostic tools; just don't Initialize User Data, or you will erase your content (if its still there).

If it won't boot to the normal running state, I doubt you can use e-Loader to retrieve your sequences. I am pretty sure you need to have the OS up and running for midi I/O to work, but it might be worth testing. (E-loader uses midi commands to upload/download names and sequences; so without midi I/O I doubt you can use it to get your sequences).

Hope this helps.


I think I answered this in another E-Mu forum. The short answer is no. One slightly longer answer is: you could if you wrote a program to covert the P2K parameters to corresponding P/1+Orch parameters, tweaked your algorithm to make them sound somewhat similar, and either found workarounds or gave up on P2K parameters, features, etc. that are not on the P/1+Orch.

Personally, I don't think the effort would be worth the time spent.


Hi -- I have a Proteus 2500, which I bought new, and after not using for a while have fired it up and there is noise coming from all the outputs -- kind of like a low white noise. Is this a known component failure of some sort that could be fixed? Thanks!

I also have some "bad blocks" on a ROM -- is it no good or is there a work-around for that?

Thanks very much!

I upload the OS to my Mo Phatt. I use MIDI Spot Uno intreface but the data do not flow. An error will appear after a while. Then I try the E-MU 0404 MIDI interface and everything works. OS uploads.
If you have a similar problem, you can also try another interface.

Hi Francis,

I just found your extensive range of downloads for the E-Mu products, I'm hoping to need some of them in the future, but for now, I need advice about a Proteus 2500 I've been asked to repair. It simply doesn't boot and the main processor chip isn't receiving any clock input. All the board voltages check OK, and there is no mechanical damage.

I can't find any technical data on any of the Proteus range and I've been told that they never released it to anyone other than their own repair staff. That seems like a very negative attiitude and I'd never buy anything if I thought that was the case - a lifetime as a service engineer makes me very cautious.

If you know of anyone who could help with technical advice about the problem I'm working on, I'd be very pleased to hear from you.

Here's hoping you can help.


Hi all

was working on my MP7 (with Composer, Beat Garden and Extreme Lead boards) and whilst saving a pattern it froze, so I (stupidly) turned it off.

When I restarted it it gave an error message of [!!!User data not inited [sic] - Restoring from backup] and I found I'd lost all of the patterns I'd been working on for the past two weeks and all of the sounds I'd programmed for them.

Gutted doesn't even begin to describe - I know this is a long shot but has anyone experienced this before and is there a way to recover the data?

Hi, Andy. That must be a horrible feeling--to lose all those patterns. Sorry to hear it happened to you. I am not sure if any users have mined the OS, storage, memory management, etc. to even begin to recover what seems to be lost.

I am guessing you didn't do backups of the previous two-weeks work (e-loader for patterns; other tools for presets). So far as I know, e-loader is the only tool at present that can be used to systematically backup patterns. I think a web-based version is on Ray's list of tools to work on, but from what I understand, it is way off in the future.

Out of curiosity, did it lock-up without any warning, or was there a message first saying the OS needed to compact memory? I have had my P2500 reorganize the flash memory--where I believe user presets and user sequences are stored. As I understand it, memory gets fragmented as we edit stuff and every-so-often the E-Mu sequencer needs to defrag (aka compact memory). I seem to recall it can take a while and there are several messages along the way. One of the messages might be something like your "restoring from backup;" not 100% sure on that.

I mention that as a way of wondering if your MP7 might gave been doing memory management when it was powered down.

None of this helps reclaim your data; but maybe someone else has ideas. In either case, maybe it can help prevent a similar catastrophic loss in the future.


Dec 2017, someone else raised the issue in the XL-7 Yahoo Group. So far, I have not found suggestions for how to recover. If I find any leads, I will post them here.

Message 3 of 9 , Dec 11, 2017
Today I was deleting some presets when all of a sudden my px-7 froze so I turned it off. When I turned it back on there was an error message along the lines of no user initate back up. When it finally finished the last 7 patterns I made were just gone? Any ideas on what could of happened? Thanks!"

Hi. I just updated my proteus 2000 to the 2.26 version. Everything worked fine for the update, I can now use the arpeggiator wich is great, but I don't see any arp patterns. Is it normal or something went wrong? Do I need at least an XL1 ROM to have those patterns? Or can I download those patterns somewhere?

Now sure if you found the answer in another forum. If not, here goes:
(1) Some E-Mu Sound ROMS have factory arp patterns as ROM-based resources; some, such as the P2K Composer ROM do not.
(2) OS 2.26 for the P2K and variants have 100 User slots for arp patterns--your own or from somewhere else.
(3) There are some arp pattern banks "out there" (probably less than a handful), though I suspect many user have their own personal patterns). There were a few nice banks (well, at least one) at E-Mu Yahoo! Groups, but thanks to Verizon, Yahoo! Groups no longer have content.
(4) I am aware of one bank that was posted to one group made by an esteemed sound designed as part of an upgrade. I have not posted it to my site because I am not sure he would be OK with that. I will try to ask if its OK, or if he has it available somewhere on his site.
(5) Even without patterns, the arpeggiator is powerful!
(6) Even if you don't have a ROM in a P2K variant, you can still use the arpeggiator to control other gear and softsynths.
(7) It might be possible for someone with programming knowledge to write a program to convert arp patterns in other formats (i.e., soft synths) into E-Mu sysex files to load into E-Mu boxes.
Well, that's all I can think of at the moment.

Update re: (4) I sent a note asking for permission to host the arps or a link to where they might be stored by the designer and suggested an option to post at another synth/electronic music site.

Hi Steve,
Thank you for continuing to monitor your website, and for sharing your experiences and knowledge!

Hope you get a positive response from the designer of the arps.
I shall continue to check back from time to time.

Best regards,

Hi E-MU'ers,

I have a Proteus MPS Plus or MPS Plus Orchestral keyboard (9091),
which was built by E-MU back in 1991 (until 1994 I guess).

My questions (where I need help):
The Firmware shows V1.22 at power-up.

What is the latest firmware and are they EPROMs
(I assume because of the age of this device) ?

Where can I find a scanned Manual in English or German ?

I also have the 256-KB RAM (SRAM with swapable lithium battery cell) card (ZM348).
Is it possible, to transfer Wavetable data (own samples) to the internal RAM or the ZM348 RAM card (when inserted into the MPS keyboard synth) over the SysEx/MIDI connection ?


I have no experience with the MPS products. With the Proteus/1/2/3 line, so far as I have read, the OS is not downloadable via software. I have a couple of P/1 + Orchestral units with different OS versions. I have not noticed any differences, though there might be some.

I have seen that the Proteus Ultra has a card slot. Not sure if that is for samples or just presets/hypersets. I have seen the Ultra manual; not sure if I have any MPS manuals (English or German). I will look to see if I have one, though.

So far as I know, only the E-Mu Samplers (not ROMplers) can have samples added--except that you can burn samples/multisamples onto a special Flash SIMM in an E-Mu Ultra sampler and can author P2K Presets using those samples/multisamples in a P2K/Command Station E-Mu.

1.22 appears to be the last (or only) Eprom version of the MPS orchestral.
I had a few here and they all started with the same message - 1.22

I've got a CS (XL-7) and I'm using it to trigger an Ensoniq ASR-X Pro. Every time my pattern on the CS loops back to measure 1, it resets the FX bus on the ASR voices. I assume there's a SYSEX message being sent to make this happen, and I've menu dived through everything I find on the CS to stop it from sending (and even tried to turn of the receiving on the ASR-X) but to no avail. Any ideas on where I need look to tinker around with this? Happy to provide more info, if helpful. Thank you!


I figured out the sysex question I posted. My XL-7 was sending controller commands that were resetting the effects bus on the ASR-X. I erased the controlled data and boom, all good.


Hello All
Just thought I'd post my recent experience with updating the P2000 OS. I've had a P2500 for a few years and have used the E-loader program to save patterns on a dedicated laptop with Windows XP. When I obtained the P2000 it was running OS 1.23 and wanted to update it as I was getting a ROM card error with the XL7 card I added to it. I tried to update the OS using the old laptop however it would not recognise the drivers for my interface (Focusrite 18i8).
To get around this I downloaded E-loader onto my newer laptop running Windows 10 and the program would not work.
I have however managed to get around this somehow. There is a way of getting windows 10 to run 16 bit programs. Press 'windows' and r then type optionalfeatures.exe and press enter, this brings up a box. According to the website i looked at to see how to do this there should be a box with NTVDM, however this was not there on mine for some reason so I ticked the 'Direct Play' box and hit ok. I'm not sure whether this made a difference or not but I was then able to open up E-loader on my Windows 10 laptop in compatibility mode. The program loaded up fine, it recognised the P2000 and on the second attempt it successfully updated the OS to 2.26.
Can I just say thanks to Frankster and all the contributers to this site, its been a massive help for using the P2500 and P2000.
Cheers All!

Did you try the OS Updater at ? I tested it in several browsers that support WebMIDI and on several pieces of E-Mu gear and it worked. I have gotten E-Loader to work in Windows 10, but I would still recommend the browser tool.

Hi All
Just another thing I thought would be worth mentioning.
Patterns saved from the P2500 onto computer using E-loader are saved as standard midi files (.smf) which import nicely into Ableton on separate tracks. I haven't tried exporting them back but I presume it would work? If so it would be a good way of tidying up patterns (mine were all a mess as, to be fair, I was just blundering my way around the sequencer writing tracks and sending them internally/externally etc.

Pre-Windows 10 E-Loader used *.mid files not *.smf files. I know SONAR/Cakewalk can handle *.mid files; never used Ableton.

With E-Loader, you can also do things that you can't do from the front panel. There is no sysex editor in the E-Mu Sequencer. However, if your DAW can create *.mid files with sysex commands, you can embed them in a pattern and upload them.

Having started with software sequencers (which later became DAWs) I found editing patterns from the front panel extremely different and for me very difficult.

I am pretty sure I have uploaded some old Cakewalk tunes I did (saved as *.mid files) to my P2500. So that part of the equation should work as long as your patterns follow the rules of the hardware sequencer. Again, not sure if Ableton inserts some things or deletes some things in the exchange process.

I'd be interested in your results because I have been thinking of taking some of the midi loops I have acquired and trying them in my P2500.

Hi to all,
I have an emu e4 with EOS 2.8 and desperately looking for EOS3 since it has only 1 meg of flash ram, EOS 3 is max for the update.
Please help.
Thank you.

Hi all,
I have an E6400 Ultra that has died and I was wondering if anyone knows the likely cause. About a month ago I got a “Checksum error” message at start up and had to reload EOS via floppy. This is the first time this has come up in the 15 years that I’ve had the E6400. After that it worked fine for a few weeks before failing. Now at start up the screen flashes and goes blank and the start up diagnostics, (LEDs all light up and extinguish in sequence) halt at FGPA. I have checked the power supply for correct voltages and also checked correct voltages to points on the main board to confirm good connection. I cannot find anything in the technical manual to suggest what needs doing to correct the FGPA diagnostics fault but suspect that perhaps the System ROM/Flash memory might be faulty.
Does anyone know what the likely problem is, if you have heard if the same symptoms, so that I can get the machine fixed?
Many thanks

NOTE: I have never had any keyboard variations of the Proteus/Command Station line. So this is from what I know from the manuals:

If you mean does it have an on-board sequencer like the Command Stations and the Proteus 2500, no. However, the OS does have arpeggiators which include the ability to edit and play patterns. Also, some of the E-Mu Sound ROMs have multi-channel riffs (play only) that you can use.

Like E-Mu sound modules, you can use any DAW capable of handling MIDI. There are a number of free ones available as well as ones at various price points.

Thanks for a great site.

Could I ask a quick question relating to my newly purchased P2K:

Do you know of any way to globally store another midi channel than "C01A" over power cycles - or do I really have to set my chosen midi channel for each of the +1,500 presets respectively?

I am using the P2K in omni mode.

Many thanks in advance.


(0) Have you solved this yet?
(1) What OS do you have?
(2) What does this mean ("store another midi channel . . over power cycles")? Do you mean "Can I change something in the P2K so the front panel doesn't display C01A in omni mode upon power up?"
(3) What are trying to do (and why are you using omni mode to do it)?
(4) I never use omni mode, but have you tried setting up a multisetup?
(5) Why do you think you might need to change 1500 presets?

Thanks for replying Steve - very appreciated.

0) Yes/no: I have reached out to the E-mu user group on facebook. Indeed, I got a lot of advice from candid and sincere long-term users of the P2K, while opinions and concluding answers also differ
1) MacOS Monterey 12.3.1
2) My question relates to using the P2K as a "Rompler", set-up to communicate on 1) one GLOBAL midi channel and 2) the midi channel of my choice.
3) Every time I turn my P2K off and then back on ("over power cycles") the P2K reverts to midi channel one ("C01A"), whereas I would have liked to set-up/connect to my P2K on midi channel 2 ("C02A"), to be precise.

***YES YOU CAN - save global midi channels on the P2K - store over power cycles - and make the synth boot with your selected setup as default***

Problem solved. Thought I share my own mistakes in case other people, also new to E-mu synth settings, find themselves in my situation:

When you have changed and setup all “global” settings for your P2K (for example found in the Master menus) you have to save a so called multisetup. Otherwise P2K will reset itself to respond to midi channel C01A (top left corner displays the midi channel), etc etc. This is how its done (p 30 in the P2K OM, rev E):

Press Multi button (lights red) - scroll to menu no 4 and, if you wish, name your new “multisetup”
Scroll to menu no 5: “Save setup to” and move cursor to the second line (“000 User setup”
Select your numbered slot for your multisetup (000-062)
Press Home/Enter button confirms and saves. Done.

Now my P2K will always boot on my selected midi channel (“C12A”), etc.

Glad you solved it. Apologies for not replying sooner, but it seems my initial reply "(4) I never use omni mode, have you tried setting up a multisetup?" aligns squarely with your solution.

As a multitimbral sound module / rompler, multisetups are essential.

Thanks for describing how they can also be used to solve issues in Omni mode.

Seriously. So many questions here, so many valid requests for help. I appreciate the fact that Dave Rossum has other agendas and concerns, but perhaps he might want to pop in and say hello once in a while. He was behind the hardware design of these bloody synths, so a little peep to say hello wouldn’t hurt no?

Creative brought Emu, then started being flaky about providing the manuals etc so I archived them here. I doubt that Dave Rossum even knows of this archive!

Hi Does anyone know I am getting this error Err: [ ] bit stuck high D16 D0 Continue? on my E-Mu Proteus 2000on I would be very grate for a reply

Many thanks for this resource! Ive got an Emu Proteus 2500 command station and when powered on from the back all the front lights come on and the display goes blank. The front power button doesnt do anything. Ive tried powering up holding different combinations of buttons, reseating the cards and connectors inside and I checked the voltages on the power supply but so far no luck on getting it to boot up. I also downloaded the os updater and installed on an xp machine but I can't get it to connect with the emu. Any ideas or is it a gonner? cheers Phil

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